Next Steps for Grassfed Animal Breakout Group



This group’s discussion focused on taking advantage of production and marketing capacity and experience in the grassfed meat sector.  Strengths include direct marketing experience, connections with conservation, and business experience.  They saw opportunities in building local sales, increasing local processing, especially of poultry, and promoting local institutional buying of grass-fed meat.  They also talked about making links between local foods, agriculture, conservation, climate change, and limited availability of fossil fuels, and bringing the agricultural and conservation communities together.

Next steps:

  • How do we increase local processing capability, especially for poultry?  Aggregation is also a pressing topic.
  • What strategies can we employ to build on local direct sales?
  • Which institutions can we partner with to promote institutional sales?
  • What do we need to do to expand infrastructure and fair regulation for interstate meat?

We would like to encourage your participation in continuing conversations. Please step forward by posting a comment below or by emailing us.  If you have suggestions on how we can proceed please don’t hesitate to share them.

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