A Pair of Intriguing (and Relevant) Learning Opportunities

1. The Business of Food Hubs: Planning Successful Regional Produce Aggregation Facilities
Sept 30, 3:30-4:45 PM ET (Note: 2:30 PM CT)

Food hubs (regional aggregation points) have been identified by many as a clear need for scaling up Good Food. Have you picked the right place and time to build your food hub? What are the area’s resources and needs? How can you tailor your business to best meet those needs?

These questions can be answered by using a business planning approach, starting by completing a feasibility study. A crucial first step when embarking on a new venture, a feasibility study carefully examines the context into which the new undertaking would fit, and attempts to determine its likelihood of success.

This workshop-style webinar will step through two hot-off-the-presses food hub feasibility studies to illustrate how you might go about assessing your potential food hub venture. These studies also demonstrate two very different value chain environments, and come to some different conclusions.

Jim Slama, Founder and President, FamilyFarmed.org

2. Brownfields and Urban Agriculture Reuse Special Webinar Series – Click here for the  series flyer.

October 7, 1-3 PM CST: Policy Barriers and Incentives to Reusing Brownfields for Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture.  Register Now

This webinar will explore policy issues surrounding the growing of plants and food on urbaninfill lots, including:

How do existing state Voluntary Clean-up Programs address urban agriculture issues?

How does urban agriculture fit in to existing programs for land use determination?

What are the property control and ownership considerations for urban agricultureprojects?

How should economic development drivers influence decisions for using urban agriculture as a revitalization strategy?

How are innovative cities working within or changing their policy structure to make urban agriculture work for them?

Scheduled presenters include: Marcia Caton Campbell, Center for Resilient Cities; Amy Yersavich and Vanessa Steigerwald, Ohio EPA; Kathy Dickhut, City of Chicago; and Jenn Bildersee, City of Portland, OR.

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