Agriculture, Food & Beverage Industry Cluster Analysis

Doesn’t it seem like there is a lot going on in the Driftless around food and drink? Well, the economic development folks think so, too.

MadREP wrote a comprehensive industry analysis for the Madison Region’s Agriculture, Food & Beverage (AFB) sector examines the cluster in a way that identifies its potential comparative advantages. The analysis includes information on food & beverage manufacturing employment and establishments, agricultural production and employment, support industries and supply chain considerations, human capital, and cluster positioning. The report is authored on behalf of MadREP by Matt Kures of the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Center for Community and Economic Development.

MadREP wrote and submitted an application to the federal government’s Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) for the Madison Region’s Agriculture, Food & Beverage (AFB) sector. The document serves as a regional business model for the AFB industry, including $200+ million worth of active and potential projects, industry and workforce data, supply chain, infrastructure, R&D, and capital assessments.

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