7 thoughts on “Driftless Bioregional Network

  1. Bob Haugen

    Michelle, did I miss something? Is this a recent happening, or a blast from the past? This is a really interesting topic to me.

    Thanks for posting it, anyway.

    1. Michelle Miller Post author

      Bob, this is a blast from 1984. I would love to find out who participated in this effort and what they learned. Clearly, it has made an impact!

    2. Joyce Ford

      Hi Bob – I am Joyce Ford and was part of the Driftless Bioregional Network back in the 1980’s. I have some copies of “The Drift” newsletter that Larisa Walk edited for the organization. And have many memories of the fun we had each quarter. We also were able to help each other with alternative energy projects. I continue to live at Wiscoy Valley Community Land Cooperative in SE MN. I also have a list of people who signed up for The Drift, as well as a copy of “Ecological Politics and Bioregionalism” by David Haenke, published by New Life Farm, Inc. (Missouri) in 1984. I would be happy to turn all this material over to you. My cell phone is 507-459-2478. My husband, Jim Riddle, currently operate Blue Fruit Farm. I will be at the MOSES Conference next week. Thanks. Joyce

      1. Michelle Miller Post author

        Joyce, if Bob doesn’t want it, I wonder if the material you have could be included in the Wisconsin State Historical Society’s organic collection? I can’t make the conference this weekend, so would need to figure out another way to get the materials from you. Thank you for saving these historical materials. Very important!

  2. James T. Spartz

    Hello Michelle — Thank you for this post. I’m curious what more you’ve discovered in this vein, over the past two years. Best, JTS

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