Driftless Food and Farm Project Update – Breakout Session Recaps Posted

In the last week we have posted summaries from 10 breakout sessions we held during our Prairie du Chien meeting a few weeks ago.   For your convenience, below are links to each of the summaries.

Please use the comment section of each post to reflect on the next steps and suggest anything we may have missed.  If you are looking to get involved in participating on a task force related to one of our breakout groups, let us know in the comment section or by emailing us at: driftlessfoodandfarm@gmail.com.

Which break out group do you think has the most potential for making a big difference in the region?  How do you see yourself getting involved?  We are looking for partners to spearhead conference calls on the topics below, should you be interested. Are there other activities that could help us move forward between now and our meeting in July in conjunction with the Kickapoo County Fair? Do you have something to present at the July meeting?

Break out group summaries:

— The Driftless Food and Farm Project Team – Michelle, CeCe, Lisa, Alex and Mark


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