Driftless Meeting Coming Up Soon (1/28/11)

The Midwest Value Added Conference is next week, January 27 and 28 in Madison.  At that conference we will hold our first Driftless Food and Farm Project meeting of 2011 on Friday morning, January 28 at 10:30.  Conference registration is still open.  Click here for conference registration information.   If you’re still on the fence, we may have a small number of scholarships remaining for people who are active in initiatives relevant to the Driftless Food and Farm Project.  Email us if you are interested.

We will begin our session with a brief introduction to the Driftless region and our project for those who might be new.  We will then segue into a brief presentation from Josh Miner, Farm-to-School Coordinator for the La Crosse County Health Department.  He plans to present one concrete example of the regional food system challenges we’ve been trying to tackle collectively through all our varied projects.  In his case, he’s working on aggregating and processing local food in an efficient way that helps keep local competitive with large-scale national food suppliers.

From there we will break into a speed networking session. Each participant will have two minutes to quickly present his or her food system projects to others.  The idea is that you will connect with others whose skills, experiences and activities will be useful to you.

To make sure that we connect as many people as possible, we ask that you bring approximately 50 copies of your business card.  If you can’t, we will have notecards for you to use.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  See you Thursday and Friday.

P.S. We’ve also posted to the blog a pair of upcoming conferences/events that we think might be of interest to many.  See that post here: http://www.driftless.wisc.edu/?p=139

The Driftless Food and Farm Project Team

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