FCI commits $5mil to Wisconsin

Forward Community Investments is committing $5mil to support sustainable agriculture business development in Wisconsin.

The Sustainable Agriculture Loan Program will finance the growth and development of mission-based organizations and cooperatives participating in sustainable agriculture businesses and delivering environmental and social benefit to low-to-moderate income communities in Wisconsin.

Eligible borrowers will include nonprofit mission-based organizations, cooperatives and, eventually, for-profit small businesses operating in or supporting sustainable. This loan option might be right for you right now if you are a:
• cooperative;
• regional land trust promoting farmland conservation efforts;Wheat-sunrise 000
• nonprofit aquaponic enterprise selling to regional markets;
• nonprofit engaged in supplying, distributing to and serving organic or small farms;
• nonprofit developing markets for local and in-state agricultural products;
• nonprofit food producer primarily using products from small farms in Wisconsin; or
• food processing, storage, or distribution nonprofit enterprise working primarily with small farms.

FCI just appointed our esteemed colleague, Will Hughes, to manage this program. Congratulations Will!