From Lila Marmel @ WDRT

I produced a news story for WDRT, which will air TODAY on the WDRT Local News at 5:30 pm. The station is at 91.9 FM, and can also be streamed live at The Local News is also available on the website for a week following the broadcast, but will probably not be posted until some time tomorrow. Look for it on the upper right area of the home page.

– Lila Marmel

Follow-up note: Go to to listen to the file. Nice interviews with Neil Heinen from Channel 3, the CBS affiliate in Southern Wisconsin, Brad Niemcek, the Kickapoo Community Kitchen, Tony Roth and their greenhouse / fishfarm. There are some fun clips of participants sharing some of their creative messaging on the Driftless — “Glacier-free since 8,000 BC”.

2 thoughts on “From Lila Marmel @ WDRT

  1. Kathryn

    I was unable to listen to this back in August and now the link appears to be broken. Any chance you could post a new link to the story for those of us who missed it? Thanks!

    1. Michelle Miller Post author

      Kathryn, I think they only post their sound files for a short time. I tried to save it to our server but was unable to. It may be best to contact WDRT directly on this one. It is worth it – the sound clips are excellent.

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