At more than a few meetings in the region, we’ve heard people talk about the need for a unified Driftless identity, a way of communicating the high quality of life  and the Region’s unique cultural identity. It looks like folks in Decorah are taking the lead.

We like what we see in Inspire(d) Driftless magazine, subtitled “Positive News form the Driftless Region”. Based out of Decorah, the magazine’s summer issue has an emphasis on the food and farming scene west of the Mississippi. It has a beautiful calendar, features local artists and recreation highs.

They are looking for contributing writers from Southeast Minnesota, Southwest Wisconsin or south of Decorah. I think they aspire to serve the four state region so, whaddaya say? Lets help them out! Contact editor Aryn Henning Nichols with a writign sample or commit to advertising your business or event in their pages.

You can like them on Facebook at Inspire(d)Media and visit their web site at They distribute the magazine free or you can subscribe for $25. Wouldn’t it be nice to see this magazine available free throughout the region?

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  1. Nancy North

    Inspired Magazine is a gem. It’s authentic, interesting, and makes an important contribution to the culture and lifeways of this region. Support Aryn and Benji! Distribution of the magazine throughout the Driftless area will only enlarge and bring more joy to our experience of this place.

    1. Michelle

      Nancy, at our Networking Across the Supply Chain meeting in LaCrosse 2/20-21, there was considerable discussion about regional branding and marketing. One of the follow-up ideas was to develop a regional food marketing association or at very least, hold a regional marketing event next year, similar to the national Produce Marketing Association event. If you are interested in this discussion, let me know. A number of businesses are weighing in on it now. –Michelle

  2. Aryn

    Thanks for the plug, Michelle! We print from 12,500 to 15,000 magazines a quarter and distribute all around the Driftless Region – from Decorah to Lanesboro to Rochester to Winona to La Crosse to Prairie du Chien, Elkader, Postville, West Union, Calmar… You can see a list of our locations here:

    Please let us know if you’d like to see us in another town! And thanks again!

    1. Michelle Miller Post author

      Aron, Mineral Point would be a really good place to leave copies. They have a wonderful local food scene and fun historic tourism spots.

  3. Gene Schriefer

    The need/desire for a strong regional identity as the “Driftless Region” was one of the priorities the Southwest Regional Planning Commission highlighted see

    This notion has been expanding beyond our state borders into Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. We recently held a Driftless Region Beef Conference in Dubuque and a Driftless Region No-till Ag Workshop this past winter.

    Will continue to work towards consistently branding ourselves. The larger issue is facilitating discussion/communication between disparate groups working the same direction.

    1. Michelle Miller Post author

      Gene, please keep us in the loop on this good work. We promise to post it.

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