La Crosse Tribune Article

Sunday’s La Crosse Tribune featured a thoughtful article on our Thursday Driftless Convention, penned by Joseph Orso.

Joe writes:

Instead of organizing people by arbitrary state borders, or developing systems based on abstract economic values, these people are literally starting from the ground up, with the Driftless as their common identity. In so doing, they are embedding their efforts in Leopold’s “intense consciousness of land.

If you couldn’t make the trip, you missed a gathering of more than 70 committed individuals, inspiring presentations, and two hours of round table brainstorming.  Most encouraging of all, we emerged with the beginning stages of collaboration around a few important sectors of the regional food industry.

Later this week, we’ll post the presentations and other materials from the meeting.  In the meantime, please contact us at UW-Madison CIAS if we can help you build on the meeting’s outcomes and momentum.