Local Government Summit on Energy and Resilience

November 18, 2015
University of WI – Stevens Point
The Wisconsin Academy, through its Climate & Energy Initiative, will convene a full-day leadership summit for local government leaders from Wisconsin and energy program leaders to advance clean energy, efficiency, and resilience for their communities.
The aim is to share best practices in—and identify needs for—moving communities and Wisconsin forward in curbing carbon emissions and encouraging energy innovation. This event will bring these groups together to learn what resources currently exist, and how organizations could collaborate more effectively. The intent of this summit is to build the foundation for an ongoing annual conference.
The Summit will:
  • Identify the needs, priorities, and current programs within Wisconsin local governments across the state through a pre-event survey. This will result in a report, which we will use to craft the Summit agenda.
  • Allow local governments of various sizes, and organizations that are designed to serve those municipalities in energy conservation/innovation efforts, to present and discuss their work with all attendees.
  • Provide time for group discussion among leaders with common needs to troubleshoot problems, share best practices, and develop professional networks.
  • Invite local-level media outlets to raise awareness of A) Wisconsin’s ongoing local-level leadership in energy efficiency and renewable energy, B) the needs of those local governments, and C) the state programs that exist to promote energy savings and innovation at the local level.
  • Identify options for action within the Climate Forward Report’s five “Pathways to Progress” that address municipal and local government needs in Wisconsin for cities of various sizes, which can be published on our web site.
  • Post a participant list for Wisconsin municipal and local government sustainability leaders, as well as resource organizations, engaged in responsive climate and energy strategies so they will be able to maintain contact and share their practices with each other.
For the agenda, speakers, to register or to sponsor the event, go to their web page at: