Localfoodsystems.org – A Potential Resource for Our Collaborations?

My colleague Lisa Bauer directed my attention to localfoodsystems.org recently, a website devoted to “networking, collaborating, a building local [food] economies.”  It’s an effort emanating from the University of Ohio,  focuses primarily on food system issues for Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and appears to mirror our efforts here in the Driftless.

What I like most about it is its discussion groups, and its directory of participants, both of which would potentially be useful to our network building activities.    However, it doesn’t appear that the site has seen much recent activity and I think it would present a logistical challenge to get a significant number of our community to sign up.

What do you think?  Should we pursue an affiliation with localfoodsystems.org to use those features?  Should we set up similar features on this site?  If so, I think it would be ideal to have it up and running to capitalize on our next meeting on Friday, July 23.  (Remember to save the date, please.)  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

networking, collaborating, and building local economies

1 thought on “Localfoodsystems.org – A Potential Resource for Our Collaborations?

  1. Lisa Bauer

    I think it was started by Ohio State OARDC. But regardless it makes sense to use some kind of social networking site with our diverse group from four states. Face-to-face meetings are tough. Online networking is available 24/7. Participation is always the sticking point, but I think if we gather momentum around a few key topics, it could have high value.

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