Next Steps for Agritourism Breakout Group


Participants in the agritourism session were unified in their belief that the Driftless agriculture sector stands poised to benefit from an increase in tourism related to burgeoning interest in local foods. The group noted that the region already boasts a good number of well-organized food and culture events and that such events help local farmers. However, perhaps the biggest challenge to a unified vision for a Driftless agritourism movement is the presence of political boundaries.

Next steps:

  • In the short term, what are the obstacles to the creation of a Driftless-wide agritourism events calendar?
  • In the longer term, who are the leaders that can help coordinate efforts across state borders and connect businesses in the industry?
  • How do we collaborate with other food system partners to create and promote a Driftless Area identity?

We would like to encourage your participation in continuing conversations. Please step forward by posting a comment below or by emailing us.  If you have suggestions on how we can proceed please don’t hesitate to share them.