Report “Bridging the Gap: Funding and Social Equity Across the Food System Supply Chain”

Brightseed posts some interesting articles on food systems. Most recently, they posted a short summary on capital investment in the food supply chain, a report from the Rockefeller Foundation. The full report is also available.

In looking over the site, I found much helpful material geared toward financing. For instance:

The Community Development Financial Institution’s “Financing Healthy Food Options” Resource Bank is now available online. This is a great resource for any CDFIs, other lenders, and investors interested in developing new or expanding existing healthy food finance initiatives.

The Resource Bank includes the “required reading” for all CDFIs interested in financing healthy food enterprises in their target communities. Training curriculum chapters include:

I found Brightseed through LinkedIn, through the Sustainable Foods Network. If you use this site, consider joining the group and connecting with Nessa @ Brightseed.