Thinking like a farmer: University challenges in sustainable agriculture and food systems work

Want to know what Universities are doing to organize their work around sustainable agriculture and food systems? Many faculty, staff and students have experienced the challenges of doing trans-disciplinary work inside silo-prone academic institutions. What does it take to build and maintain a home for the kind of research, teaching, extension, and engagement we need? How do those homes weather the storms of budget crises, academic unit reorganizations, leadership changes, and more?

Webinar #1: Thursday, May 27, 3pm Eastern/noon Pacific

  • Casey Hoy, Ohio State Univ. Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation;
  • Nina Ichikawa, Berkeley Food Institute;
  • Tom Kelly, Univ. of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute

Webinar #2: Tuesday, June 22, 3pm Eastern/noon Pacific

  • Kamyar Enshayan, Univ. of Northern Iowa;
  • Nancy Creamer, North Carolina State Univ., (retired) Center for Environmental Farming Systems;
  • Tom Tomich, formerly with the Agricultural Sustainability Institute, Univ. of California Davis

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