Time to register: Apple IPM conference calls

Starting April 29th, the UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems Eco-Fruit Project, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Apple Growers Association and the IPM Institute of North America will offer another season of weekly conference calls with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consultant John Aue and other IPM experts. 


This series of 16 weekly calls requires a subscription of $125 and allows you to stay informed on pest conditions, answer pressing questions and learn about other growers’ approaches to IPM.  Call moderator John Aue shares his wealth of knowledge and experience as an IPM consultant for the tree fruit industry in the upper Midwest for over 20 years.  Guest experts from universities around the region participate and discuss a wide range of IPM and fruit production issues including: insect, weed and disease management, thinning and tree nutrition.

Since 2000, the Wisconsin Eco-Fruit Project has been working with growers to reduce pesticide risk through use of IPM.  The project provides resources growers need to learn the scouting, monitoring and decision making techniques necessary for a successful IPM program.

Visit the AppleTalk blog to read transcripts from previous conference calls, www.ecofruit.wisc.edu/appletalk

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    1. Michelle Miller Post author

      Bill, I just discovered your email. Were you able to participate in the calls this summer? If not, and if you might like to next year, contact Peter Werts at the IPM Institute — pwerts@ipminstitute.org All the calls are available for download on the web site, going back a number of years. You can search them on topics of interest, too. Thanks for your interest.

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