Design for food systems resilience: Farmers Wanted

Ankita Raturi at Purdue has a project in need of farmer participation. She writes: Hello – We hope you are safe and well. We are looking for ways in which we can support coordination and collaboration among food producers and consumers within our communities. We (Ankita Raturi, Purdue University, and collaborators) are starting a project we call Informatics for Community Food Resilience. We want to help farmers pivot in times of market disruption (such as the current pandemic). We want to facilitate alternate market channels to connect consumers with producers. We really want farmer input. If you’re interested, please sign up at

3 thoughts on “Design for food systems resilience: Farmers Wanted

  1. Sara Ecker

    Hello- I am getting a weird response when I click the link to sign up. Could you please email me the form directly?

    1. Michelle Miller Post author

      Hi, Sara! Nice to hear from you. I used the link when I first received it and was directed to a google form. I just tried it (both the original and the one above) and both took me to a weird page, too. I’ve emailed the organizer for the project to find out what is going on and will post a response here as soon as I know.

      Ankita is a rock star! I hope you get a chance to work with her.

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