Hemme webinar details

UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, with co-sponsorship from UW CALS Global, is pleased to feature Torsten Hemme from the International Farm Comparison Network for an important webinar on dairy policies and mechanisms to manage supply and demand.

Tune in:  Wednesday, April 15th at 12pm (central time)

Follow this link to register for the Zoom webinar.

This webinar is being hosted by the Wisconsin Farmers Union as part of their regular monthly national Dairy Together Education call.

As we know U.S. dairy farmers, especially those right here in Wisconsin, have been hit hard by several years of low-prices and now the supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 shutdown have only made these issues work. There are new calls for policies and mechanisms to try to better balance supply and demand.

In the webinar Dr. Hemme will share some of his work looking at dairy policies that work to balance supply with demand, both those geared towards emergency response and those that address longer-term issues and structures. The webinar will allow for questions from participants.

The International Farm Comparison Network engages researchers from more than 100 countries and 140 agribusiness companies to better understand the global market. It has published an annual report since 2000 covering milk production trends, dairy farm structure dynamics, regional developments and typical farms data, and policy comparison.

This webinar will allow us to broaden our understanding of dairy growth management from a global perspective. Please join us on Wednesday, April 15th at 12 PM Central for this presentation and discussion.

Contact Sarah Lloyd, UW-CIAS for questions, lloyd1@wisc.edu